The art of frustration

Although this fails as an article on art in the regular sense of the word; it’s my artistic view of the frustrations this week, which I can only see as strings of colour depending on my mood, these I envision emanating and dancing from my head in a form that only I can see or appreciate.  I often use art as a way of calming the senses.  I suppose it’s my way of dealing with the stresses of the day, by painting the obstacles as free-flowing strands of colour gives me complete artist satisfaction and helps ease the burden of whatever is troubling me.  Call me mad, but at least I have an outlet for the strains of life, it’s either this or screaming!

Last week saw an inevitable peak in the stress levels, it happened to be a triple whammy.  The kids moved out of their University accommodation, the country was in the middle of election fever and the penultimate problem…… my laptop caught a cold.  This being the only way of describing the system failure, because even the IT technicians couldn’t give me an answer as to what had happened; frankly, I blame cyber terrorism! It resulted in just over a week without a PC, but the week previously had involved a great deal of difficulty, whilst I tried to deal with the meltdown.  In hindsight, why didn’t I deal with the problem earlier?  But quite honestly, I have come to rely too heavily on my PC and the thought of having to be without it, pained me terribly.  I am sure most of us have the same problem, in our modern age, our world revolves around our connections to the world, we need our phones, tablets and PC’s for our work, our shopping, our social interactions and our media enjoyment.  I was lost without this connection and felt cut off from the world.  How did we all become such PC needy people?  When did this happen?  It arrived so gradually I didn’t even see it coming.  So, the art of my frustrations have been imperceptibly created this week; with each discussion over what could be done to save my data, or how long the recovery of the data would take and finally, how long following the rebuild before I’d be up and running again, I created the most colourful display of strands, mostly in shades of red which danced gloriously from my head and feeling the need to contrast this with a calmer palette I chose a few shades of blue, in appropriate tones to complement!  Curiously calmed by this display, I concluded I had to be patient and wait it out, eventually all problems would get resolved.

As a result, the kids having dumped their belongings are now off enjoying the many festivities the summer had to offer, the General Election fever is over, though politics still dominate the landscape, but thankfully, my laptop is now returned and almost back to complete functionality.  The great piece of invisible art created by my frustrations, is now gone for the time being, it’s likely to be replaced soon, with the next stress or strain of life, but it’ll be every bit as colourful!