Who am I? And what am I ‘about’?

I am just an average, ordinary, run of the mill, middle England sort of person.

In the most basic of terms, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cook and cleaner.  The extend of my achievements are my precious children and my happy marriage.  But underneath the façade I have a love of food, a passion for art, a need to travel and a whole lot of life to live.  My world is ordinary, but like most others I dream of being extraordinary, who could not dream of sitting on a beach on some Polynesian island, with a cocktail in their hand, watching an unforgettable sunset in a kaleidoscope of colours?  Or floating over Cappodocia in Turkey on a balloon ride of a lifetime, watching a myriad of surreal landscapes?  We can all dream and we can all admire those who action those moments.  Sadly, I do not live in a world where achieving these dreams comes easily, but travel anywhere, even in its local form is a thrill, there is food inspiration everywhere, exciting places to eat and art around every corner.

My diet is meat and fish free and I suffer from coeliac disease.  You will never catch me bemoaning anyone else’s dietary requirements, because I know, first-hand how difficult it can be, to visit a restaurant and ask for a gluten free, vegetarian meal.  It’s usually met by a smirk and a,

“I’ll have to go and check with the chef”

The result of this discussion is usually a risotto, which though I still enjoy, I sadly often feel, I could cook better myself.

I enjoy a cross section of literature, from blogs and cookery books all the way through to the latest best selling novel.  The writing I choose must inspire me, take me to remarkable places, give me food ideas, suggest places of art and culture and push me to want to learn more; but not belittle or discourage me. I hope my writing in its roughest of guises achieves just a little of this magic.